2018-01-04 Communications Committee Meeting


All Members List
(present or not present)
Members Present
Non-Members Present
  1. Natasha Lilly* (The Equity)

  2. J. Nolfo* (BASF)

  3. Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)* (AgGateway)

  4. Shannon Haringx (Unlicensed)* (Syngenta)

  5. Eileen Licitra (Unlicensed)* (Iteris, Inc.)

  6. Sarah Koehn* (CF Industries)

  7. Matt Garcia* (Syngenta)

  8. Anthony James (Unlicensed)* (Syngenta)

  9. Mary Enriquez (Unlicensed)* (Crop Protection Services)
  10. Nick Reichel (Deactivated) (XS, Inc)

(*Voting companies/** alternates)

Time2:00-3:00 PM ET / 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT
Web (Screen Sharing)https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/914234637
Audio (VOIP/Phone)1 (872) 240-3212
Access Code914-234-637




Topic / Leader

Desired Outcome

Pre-Meeting Notes and Links to Supporting Resources

Meeting Minutes

03 min

Welcome & Roll Call / J. Nolfo

Attendees are listed above.


2 min
Antitrust / J. Nolfo

Everybody agreeing to the Antitrust Guidelines.

AgGateway Antritrust Guidelines

All agree to the Antitrust Guidelines.
21 minMinutes Taker / J. Nolfo
Natasha Lilly has agreed to take notes.
31 min
Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes / J. Nolfo

First - Matt Garcia

Second- Natasha Lilly

Minutes approved by committee.


Review Action Items  J. Nolfo

Action Items to be reviewed:

  1. J. Nolfo Add Nick to the distribution list for Social Media Task Force and in member services.
  2. J. Nolfo to put together and present a 30- minute tutorial on Social Media Task Force
  3. J. Nolfo to add Agenda items for the next 2 calls on feedback from AgGateway Annual Report.
  4. Eileen Licitra (Unlicensed) to reach out to Steve and get back to J. Nolfo
  5. J. Nolfo to move all meetings in the Agenda and with Member Services to 1pm CST.  Also send out invites to all members.
  6. J. Nolfo to establish the roles and responsibilities for Social Media Task Force or even article writing.
  7. All liaisons to reach out to their councils/committees and update them on the Trade Show calendar and ask for which shows AgGateway needs to have presence at.
  8. Susan Ruland (Unlicensed) to explore possible eBlast about Social Media Task Force.

  1. Add Nick to Social and Communications lists.  Still need to add Matt Garcia to the fill in the list for Social Media Task Force
  2. xx
  3. Completed for January Meeting
  4. Moving article to March
  5. Completed
  6. Agenda item to be discussed
  7. xx
  8. xx

Committee Plan / J. Nolfo

Establish Goals for the new year

  • Operations
    • Get a Vice-Chair
    • Fill all Council/Working Group/Committee Liaisons
    • Increase membership size of Communications Committee
    • Job Description and Expectations for positions within the Committee (Member, Article Writer, Social Media)
  • Social Media
    • Increase interaction with social media platforms, especially LinkedIn Group and Twitter
    • Pre-load and semi-live tweet at relevant trade shows
  • Newsletter: 
    • Leadership Profile in each newsletter
    • New Member Profile in each newsletter
    • Each Council have at least two significant update article
    • Each Committee have at least 1 significant update article
    • Get publication of AgGateway related articles within company internal newsletters
    • Publish xx Case Studies

Susan - Possible sit in on all council calls for the beginning of the year.

Trade Show Idea: At each trade show, have a social media post with image of each member in attendance that is an AgGateway member and post it every day of the show with show hashtag.

Social Media Calendar / J. Nolfo

Listing of who is responsible for what week until next Communication Committee Meeting

12-18 and 12-25 - J will take these empty slots.  Jody and Kristin's regular spots need filled.

Newsletter Planning - January/February / 

J. Nolfo

AgGateway Newsletter Articles

New Member ArticleJ. Nolfo
AgGateway in the NewsSusan Ruland (Unlicensed)
Leadership Profile:
AIDC Working Group
Council UpdatesJ. Nolfo
Monthly LinkedIn Group Discussion
Crop ProtectionEileen Licitra (Unlicensed)
Council Leadership Training Wrap Up Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)
5 Year Strategic PlanJ. Nolfo
2018 LeadershipSusan Ruland (Unlicensed)

Article Actions:

  • J has 2 leaderships profiles so we should have plenty of content for the next two articles.

Newsletter Planning - March / 

J. Nolfo

AgGateway Newsletter Articles
New Member Article
AgGateway in the News
Leadership Profile:
AIDC Working Group
Council Updates
Monthly LinkedIn Group Discussion
Allied Provider Value


Council & Working Group Updates / J. Nolfo & Liaisons

Note: All liaisons to continue to talk with councils and committees about the upcoming meetings that are important to each group.

Seed- Natasha Lilly

Ag Retail-Natasha Lilly

Grain & Feed-Natasha Lilly

Crop Nutrition-Sarah Koehn

Specialty Chem-J. Nolfo

No Council meeting since last Committee meeting

Allied Providers - Eileen Licitra (Unlicensed)

Crop ProtectionEileen Licitra (Unlicensed)

Precision Ag - Shannon Haringx (Unlicensed)

Conference Committee

Membership Committee


Marketing Plan / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)

  • Updates regarding AgGateway Strategic Plan
  • Updates regarding quarterly focus and press releases 
  • Annual Report Feedback

Wiki Updates / J. Nolfo
  • Update on work completed on the Wiki
  • Updated Committee Members, Home Page, 2018 Documents page

 New Business  

Other Discussion Items / J. Nolfo

  • For other committee members to address topics not covered above.

 Meeting Wrap Up  
Next Meeting / J. Nolfo
  • Next Committee meeting will be February 1st @ 2:00- 3:00 pm ET (1:00-2:00 pm CT)
Adjournment / J. Nolfo

  • Meeting adjourned at approximately x:xxpm EST

  • Active Action Items As of  

Date AssignedAction ItemDue DateComments/Status