2022-04-07 Communications Committee Meeting


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Paul Schrimpf

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Antitrust / Paul Schrimpf

Read antitrust statement: 

“In all of AgGateway’s operations and activities, it must avoid discussions or conduct that might violate applicable antitrust laws, or even appear to do so. To that end, AgGateway has established antitrust guidelines, which it has provided to each participant in this meeting. While it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that your actions comply with applicable antitrust laws, your participation in this meeting is affirmation that you will abide by AgGateway’s guidelines.”

AgGateway Antitrust Guidelines

Read by Paul


Review Action Items 

Review action items from previous meetings. 

  • Ag On The Mall Review
    • Plus, Brent/Jeremy Visit with CropLife America
  • Newsletter Discussion
    • Brent's effort ... feedback?
    • More ideas?
      • Member Profiles that focus on AGG Value
  • Julia ... any Commodity Classic Takeaways? 
  • Google (Mineral) – any Communication from them?
  • Focus for Communication Plan
    • Audience Definition Exercise (driven by Quick Connect)
      • Sort by company type and title, establish priority (Key Accounts?)
      • C-Suite is a clear target
      • Define by message... what resonates in each segment?
      • AGG 2022 ... move the spirit of "2020" relaunch forward. "If you haven't stopped by recently, it's time to come back"
  • Website continued discussion
    • METRICS Coming??
    • Waiting on Upgrade

Paul shared that Ag on the Mall was a successful event from exposure standpoint. Suggestions by Committee to utilize QR codes was the right move. Also mentioned Brent and Jeremy had a good visit with CropLife America (Chris Novak) while in DC. 

Resources & Relationships / 

  • Association Outreach 


Activity Update / 


All are satisfied with social media process, effort is sincerely appreciated! 

Mid-Year Meeting plans reviewed with sponsor brochure


Materials Development 

Calls are out to staff for more ideas. Dan and Brent are close on some work that will need doing. (Dan leaving end of month) 

Newsletter Planning  

Newsletter Articles - May Issue (First week of May release)

April 20


  1. From the President – Brent

  2. LATAM Update – Loyola

  3. New Member Profile -- ARVA

  4. Portfolio – Dan

  5. AGIIS/Member Services – Josh

  6. MYM Update – Paul/Leslie

  7. Europe Update – Conny

  8. Piece from/featuring Jim Wilson on Adapt TBD

  9. Quick Connect Update – Paul will assemble

Content reviewed


Group Updates

Open floor - anyone can share an update of what is happening in other areas of AgGateway where they're working. Also, determine if Communications can provide assistance.

 New Business  

Other Discussion Items 

  • For other committee members to address topics not covered above.

 Meeting Wrap Up  

Next Meeting 
May 5, 2022, 1 pm central


  • Active Action Items 

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