2023-08-10 Communications Committee Meeting


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Antitrust / Paul Schrimpf

Read antitrust statement: 

“In all of AgGateway’s operations and activities, it must avoid discussions or conduct that might violate applicable antitrust laws, or even appear to do so. To that end, AgGateway has established antitrust guidelines, which it has provided to each participant in this meeting. While it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that your actions comply with applicable antitrust laws, your participation in this meeting is affirmation that you will abide by AgGateway’s guidelines.”

AgGateway Antitrust Guidelines


On the Docket

  • Farewells! 
    • Julia Eberhart from Committee, Josh Wall from AGG!
  • MYM Final Thoughts
    • Registration final at 109 ... 
    • Sponsors and attendees overall positive
    • Horse Race a success ... Will need to continue Monday scheduling if we want to do it again
    • Session scheduling will push more heavy hitting sessions on Monday afternoon to drive attendance
  • Social Media Schedule
    • Week of 8/14, Jessica (Annual Conference Agenda)
    • Week of 8/21, Paul
    • Week of 8/28, Nikki (Labor Day Message)
    • Week of 9/04, Charlotte (Short Week!)
  • Annual Conference
    • Agenda to be released week of 8/14
  • New Flyers Highlighting Working Group Milestones (AgGateway > News > Communications Kit)
    • Scale Ticket
    • Field Boundary
  • New Stuff
    • Jeremy Wilson's Director's Download, 10 so far, solid open rate
    • Constant Contact Sends Change .. now from people and not "Member Services" where possible
    • Newsletter to come from Paul beginning September
    • Ben Craker Portfolio Quarterly review... trying a video presentation/interview (this afternoon)
  • Gateway to Ag Careers (GTAC) 
    • Look to promote between Labor Day and the Sept 15 Deadline
    • 6 advisers have promised nominations so far
  • Tech Hub Live
    • More than 700 in attendance
    • Held 18 meetings in our private room (opted for this vs. a booth), including prospective members, current members, and possible partners. 
    • Panel session was a hit (all panelists were AGG members along with Ben Craker)
    • Next year: InfoAg discontinued/renamed, International Conference on Precision Agriculture is scheduled for the week before Tech Hub.
  • Branding Guidelines – Posted!


Resources & Relationships 

  • Attempting to get on program at ARA
  • Will be reaching out to state associations to participate in State Agribusiness meetings in 2024. (IA, IL, IN, OH, other recommendations?)



Newsletter Planning  

Newsletter Articles - September Issue (August 31 release)

Deadline: August 21, EOB


  1. From the President – Brent

  2. Annual Conference Update - Paul
  3. LATAM Update – Loyola

  4. Europe Seminar Review- Conny
  5. Portfolio – Ben
  6. AGIIS/Member Services - Chris

 New Business  

Other Discussion Items 

  • For other committee members to address topics not covered above.

 Meeting Wrap Up  

Next Meeting 
Thursday, September 14, 1 pm Central


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