2020-06-04 Communications Committee Meeting


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Susan Ruland (Unlicensed) is the acting chair. If you are interested in becoming the chair or co-chair, please speak up or feel free to contact Susan anytime.



Everybody agrees to the Antitrust Guidelines.

AgGateway Antitrust Guidelines


Minutes Taker / 

Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)

Minutes from April:  2020-04-02 Communications Committee Meeting

Charlotte moves; Jessica second. Minutes approved. 


Review Action Items  Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)

Action Items to be reviewed:

  • All on Social Media Task Force to review calendar for their assigned weeks

Marketing Plan / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)
  • June newsletter
  • Mid-Year Meeting promotion
  • Sponsorship promotion
  • Strategic Planning
  • Website navigation/content tweaks
  • Europe and Latin American media lists
  • AgGateway materials in Spanish and Portuguese

Nikki uploading new June newsletter list for distribution. 

We'll include registration link in newsletter and also eblast to members/newsletter list - include some more information about the agenda. 

Susan gave report on current activities.

Positive feedback to the translations being done.


Materials Development Communications Sub-Committee/Jessica

  • Report from subcommittee calls 
  • Graphic representations about what AgGateway does

Andres has 2 summer interns helping with additional ADAPT documentation, and related ADAPT/precision ag items.

Also discussing - infographics created before 2020 changes – 1) general AgGateway, 2) soils and lab testing, 3) irrigation. Looking at how can we split these up in small chunks and add them to what we have on general overview information. Introducing prospective members to what AgGateway does. How do we give current and potential members tools to use with outside groups or their own leadership so those people truly understand what AgGateway does, what we've accomplished - from business and technical perspective. Words and pictures together - storylines depending on what info you're interested in. Also helps keep people from re-inventing the wheel. 

Soils group - they are working on survey for labs in U.S. (initially) and their software partners for data exchange - formats and how data exchange works, what they need. We're providing feedback on that survey. 

Looking forward to working with other groups in AgGateway on anything they need – materials development. 

Link to infographics would work well with social media.

Social media - The group is also working on more updated info on what's new with ADAPT, or how to use ADAPT - situations, etc. Did you know/check this out, etc.  

Social Media 
  • Instagram, WhatsApp
  • YouTube Channel - question about organizing the channel

Questions about how to organize material under YouTube. 


Newsletter Planning - 

July issue

Newsletter Articles - July Issue

Due June 23


  1. Virtual Mid-Year Meeting
  2. New Member Article: Evin Ellis (Unlicensed)Ally Yanco (Deactivated)
  3. Column from Loyola, Conny - Europe, Latin America
  4. News from Meet-ups/Working Groups/Portfolio Management Center/ Nick Reichel (Deactivated)
  5. AGIIS/Member Services: Chris CrutchfieldJosh Wall (Unlicensed)l

Mid-Year Meeting sessionDiscussion ideas for the July session

Combining with materials sub-committee

Discussion of possible visual/infographics around AgGateway

Discuss Strategic Planning, communications items


Group Updates

Open floor - anyone can share an update of what is happening in other areas of AgGateway where they're working. Also, determine if Communications can provide assistance.

Brent and Eden working with virtual meeting vendor. 

Question about name about the vendor. 

 New Business  

Other Discussion Items / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)

  • For other committee members to address topics not covered above.

 Meeting Wrap Up  
Next Meeting 

  • Next Committee meeting: Virtual Mid-Year Meeting July 7-10

  • Active Action Items 

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