2022-01-06 Communications Committee Meeting


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Paul Schrimpf

Nikki Marshall

Jessica Trites-Rolle

Charlotte Schuricht

Julia Eberhart

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Time1:00 pm CT (Chicago)
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Antitrust / Paul Schrimpf

Read antitrust statement: 

“In all of AgGateway’s operations and activities, it must avoid discussions or conduct that might violate applicable antitrust laws, or even appear to do so. To that end, AgGateway has established antitrust guidelines, which it has provided to each participant in this meeting. While it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that your actions comply with applicable antitrust laws, your participation in this meeting is affirmation that you will abide by AgGateway’s guidelines.”

AgGateway Antitrust Guidelines




Review Action Items 

Review action items from previous meetings. (Instagram was only open item)

Discussed use of each social media outlet, Nikki is still working on Instagram. Volunteers are all willing to continue contributing to social media efforts on a rotational basis ... with five members in the committee it will be "one week on, four weeks off" for each person, with at least one post per day. Nikki and Paul pledged to alert the "on call" volunteer of any news item or tidibits they come across. 

Resources & Relationships / 

  • Association Outreach - AFIA, ARA, etc. 

Paul is going to reach out to our established friends and is looking at adding more associations, anyone with suggestions send them to Paul & Nikki, in particular any niche, regional, or state associations we may not be aware of.


Activity Update / 


  • Ag Day Plan/Promotion
  • Contact/Subscription List Review/Purge (discussed with Chris) 
  • Case Studies, Videos, Events ...
  • Speakers Bureau?
  • Loyola Suggestions at Annual Conference
  • AgGateway Europe Virtual Conference/wiki/spaces/PCWG/pages/2970615813 


  • Latin America market. com consultant - Alejandro Dicovsky
  • Launching MyAgGateway
  • Tap Into AgGateway mini campaign
  • Product Catalog flyer - draft
  • Transition files - media lists, photo bank, etc. 
  • 2022 Theme  
    • 2020 - Driving Digital Solutions
    • 2021 - Create, Engage, Grow
    • 2022 - Wording needed .. focus on "Connected"
  • Paul shared a discussion with Chris about the state of our lists, and he agreed that reviewing/correcting/purging/supplementing the subscriber/member individual list in Constant Contact would be a worthwhile exercise. Ultimately this will allow for better/more accurate statistics on the click/open rates. Chris feels there is enough bandwidth to work on this in 2022.
  • Case studies: These continue to be essential aspects of content development and will be discussed at the in person staff meeting.
  • Speaker bureau: Paul inquired if AGG has had a centralized list of speakers we could use for inquiries, and to share with conference coordinators. Jessica indicated that there was an informal list of experts that arose from the PrecisionAg Working Groups that were beneficial. The group agreed it is an idea worth discussing further. Paul will bring up at the staff meeting next week. 
  • Paul shared a conversation with Loyola at the Annual Conference.. he would like to put together a contingent from South America to come to the US to look at agriculture facilities, etc. Possibly reciprocal, to send a contingent to Brazil. Just something to be aware of. 
  • Ideas for 2022 theme are in the August 2021 meeting minutes.
  • Paul is scheduled to talk to Susan this week, and will cover where we left off with "Tap Into AgGateway."

Materials Development 

Graphic Video - After interoperability – next topic? 


Tracking through each step of supply chain?

Inputs - specific types, how used, when, where, how much, etc. 

Come help us do this work, here's why it's important. 

Seed, Production?

Something that AGIIS solves? (what it is and isn't) - maybe feature one thing about AGIIS

ADAPT - what it does – product side (vs entity side)

Need to stay brief, relevant (fresh) 


Soil labs - labwork

Maybe do 2 new videos in 2021. 

  1. Interoperability
  • Jessica explained the materials development information to Paul, which largely emerged from the Precision Ag Working Groups. Prioritizing these topical areas (now/later/never) will be part of the Staff Meeting discussion next week. 

Newsletter Planning  

Newsletter Articles - January/February Issue (First week of Feb. release)

Deadline: January 21


  1. Portfolio Update
  2. Ag Day Event, March 20-21
  3. Conversation with Brent and Jeremy? 
  4. Product Catalog - v.2
  5. New Member Article - MyAgData
  6. Latin America - Loyola
  7. Europe - Conny 
  8. Association - industry news
  9. AGIIS/Member Services: Chris Crutchfield 
  • Discussed article list for the Jan/Feb newsletter, deadline is Jan 21st. 
  • Committee agreed that an article containing a conversation with Brent and Jeremy would be a good addition.
  • Paul is going to get in touch with Dan about product catalog.
  • Jessica mentioned that the angle on MyAgData will be interesting from the standpoint of a company that was in, then left then came back. 


Group Updates

Open floor - anyone can share an update of what is happening in other areas of AgGateway where they're working. Also, determine if Communications can provide assistance.

No current updates

 New Business  

Other Discussion Items 

  • For other committee members to address topics not covered above.
None brought up
 Meeting Wrap Up  

Next Meeting 

Meetings for 2022 will continue to be first Thursdays at 1pm Chicago. Nikki notified Kimberly so she can set up this year's meeting series.


  • Active Action Items 

Date AssignedAction ItemDue DateComments/Status
 Make sure Nikki Marshall or someone from Member Services is administrator for all Social Media platforms.

Instagram - "AgGateway 2020" – need to change to be generic.

Nikki working on this 
 Nikki needs the contacts for Latin America list (if they are members) – some people on those lists may be non-members.  Susan will talk with Alejandro about making sure Member Services has their lists.