2022-10-06 Communications Committee Meeting


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Antitrust / Paul Schrimpf

Read antitrust statement: 

“In all of AgGateway’s operations and activities, it must avoid discussions or conduct that might violate applicable antitrust laws, or even appear to do so. To that end, AgGateway has established antitrust guidelines, which it has provided to each participant in this meeting. While it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that your actions comply with applicable antitrust laws, your participation in this meeting is affirmation that you will abide by AgGateway’s guidelines.”

AgGateway Antitrust Guidelines


On the Docket

  • How's the Update?
  • Social Media
    • LinkedIn Coverage of in person Working Group in Minneapolis
    • Brent at SSI Conference
    • Ben at World Dairy Expo
    • Overall thoughts/Suggestions
  • Annual Conference Marketing and Agenda
      • Promos to Come: 
        • This afternoon - Deadline Extension (Oct. 14) and Who's Attending
        • Chuck Zimmerman interview w Leadership
        • Sponsor Thank Yous on social media
        • Profile of each Keynote
        • Digital Payments session preview 
        • Registration and hotel deadlines reminders
        • Things to do in Clearwater
        • Quick Connect reminders
        • Working group/committee meetings at a glance
      • Quick Connect planning still in the works (registration)
      • Targeted Awards nomination solicitations for Ron Storms and AgGateway in Action 
  • Portfolio Update
  • Quick Connect Roadshow
    • Ann Vande Lune conceptualized, is heading arrangements
    • Three Cities: Premiers in Altoona IA Jan. 11
      • Co-Alliance HQ in Indianapolis on Feb1
      • Kearney, NE on Feb. 15, nearing location commitment
  • GTAC
    • 16 nominations submitted, 8 recipients were selected today
      • Sending confirmations, will be able to promote next week

Resources & Relationships / 

  • no update


What's New

  • Website Discussion: Creating understanding for the Uninitiated (Awaiting Format Update)
    • Redo home page to clarify the organization's mission/vision
    • Personnas we need to address
    • Key Messages 
    • Homework: Find examples of sites/pages we should consider emulating


Newsletter Planning  

Newsletter Articles - October Issue (First week of October release)

October 20


  1. From the President – Brent

  2. Conference Promo/Updates - Paul
  3. LATAM Update – Loyola

  4. Portfolio Update 

Content reviewed


Group Updates

Open floor - anyone can share an update of what is happening in other areas of AgGateway where they're working. Also, determine if Communications can provide assistance.

    • Working Groups
    • Task Forces
    • Conference Committee: 
    • Other

 New Business  

Other Discussion Items 

  • For other committee members to address topics not covered above.

 Meeting Wrap Up  

Next Meeting 
August 4, 2022, 1 pm Central


  • Active Action Items 

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