2018-12-06 Communications Committee Meeting


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Time2:00 - 3:00 PM ET
Web (Screen Sharing)https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/914234637
Audio (VOIP/Phone)1 (872) 240-3212
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Meeting Minutes

03 min

Welcome & Roll Call / J. Nolfo

Attendees are listed above.


2 min
Antitrust / J. Nolfo

Everybody agreeing to the Antitrust Guidelines.

AgGateway Antritrust Guidelines

All agree to the Antitrust Guidelines.
21 min

Minutes Taker / 

J. Nolfo will take notes.
31 min
Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes / J. Nolfo

Minutes from October: 2018-10-04 Communications Committee Meeting

Minutes from November: 2018-11-13 Communications Committee Meeting (Annual Meeting) 




Review Action Items  J. Nolfo

Action Items to be reviewed:

Non reviewed

Committee Plan / J. Nolfo

Establish Goals for the new year

  • Operations
    • Get a Vice-Chair
    • Fill all Council/Working Group/Committee Liaisons
    • Increase membership size of Communications Committee
    • Job Description and Expectations for positions within the Committee (Member, Article Writer, Social Media)
  • Social Media
    • Increase interaction with social media platforms, especially LinkedIn Group and Twitter
    • Pre-load and semi-live tweet at relevant trade shows
  • Newsletter: 
    • Leadership Profile in each newsletter
    • New Member Profile in each newsletter
    • Each Council have at least two significant update article
    • Each Committee have at least 1 significant update article
    • Get publication of AgGateway related articles within company internal newsletters
    • Publish Case Studies

J. Nolfo reviewed goals for the year

  • Operations
    • New Vice-Chair: Matthew Grassi of Meister Media
    • Still needing Crop Nutrition Liaison
    • Added new members for 2017
  • Social Media
    • Will be sharing social analytics at least 1 time per quarter
  • Newsletter
    • Will miss Leadership Profile in each newsletter, but will have many with this article
    • Will miss New Member in each newsletter, but will have many with this article
    • Will miss Council having 2 updates, but each will have at least 1
    • Case studies have been published
Finalize Goals for 2019 / J. Nolfo
  • Resource Related
    • Letting members & industry know about resources.
    • Additional case studies, especially for chemical and seed.
    • Develop graphic video depicting AgGateway processes
  • Newsletter Articles
    • Council Updates (minimum 1 per year)
    • Future state articles to get members aware of emerging technologies (blockchain, tracability)
  • Social Media
    • Cross share with other organizations
  • Trade Show support
    • CLA, InfoAg, AGA
    • Shows Jim Wilson is speaking
    • Banner awareness to members
  • Operational
    • Committee Membership growth plan
    • Vice Chair
    • Fill Council Liaisons positions

Goals were agreed to as presented in agenda.

Only other discussion was the possibility for shifting goals bnased on 2020 planning

Marketing Plan / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)
  • Updates regarding AgGateway Strategic Plan
  • Updates regarding quarterly focus and press releases 
  • Updates for the next few months
  • Briefing Book being developed
  • PR of AE 50 award
  • Website update and clean up
    • New Resources to be added
    • Annual Report
  • 2019 & 2020 planning
  • Communication Plan for 2019 being finalized. Wll be reviewed with Committee in January or February.
Social Media Calendar / J. Nolfo

Listing of who is responsible for what week until next Communication Committee Meeting

  • Revised Schedule due to changes in Committee Members

Newsletter Planning - Jan/Feb  Matthew Grassi

AgGateway Newsletter Articles



  1. New Member Article: Evin Ellis (Unlicensed)
  2. AgGateway in the News: Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)
  3. Leadership Profile: J. Nolfo
  4. AIDC Working Group: Jody Costa (Unlicensed)
  5. AGIIS: Chris CrutchfieldJosh Wall (Unlicensed)
  6. Council Updates: J. Nolfo
  7. Monthly LinkedIn Group Discussion: J. Nolfo
  8. Year End Conference - Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)
  9. PAIL Standard (Susan Ruland (Unlicensed))
  10. ADAPT AE 50 Award (Susan Ruland (Unlicensed))
  11. ADAPT 2.0 release (Susan Ruland (Unlicensed))
  • Ideas brough up from previous meetings
    • AgGateway 2020
    • Spec Chem: J. Nolfo to follow up
    • Traceability Working Group updates
    • G-TIN product identifier user stories
    • "Ketchup" tracability story (J & Jessica to write at Annual Meeting)
    • Award Winners
    • AgGateway 2020
    • Descriptions of the councils and committees so people new to conference/AgGateway could figure out where they wanted to participate.
      • Perhaps where to find the link to the member portal into a newsletter on occasion.
      • Monthly article on Website resource?
  • Changed due date to 1/18/19
  • Articles Added
  • Remove articles
    • Year End Conference


Council & Working Group Updates / J. Nolfo & Liaisons

Each liaison to provide an update of what is happening in their Councils or Committees and to determine if Communications can provide assistance


Committees and Working Groups

Note: All liaisons to continue to talk with councils and committees about the upcoming meetings that are important to each group.

Seed - Natasha Lilly

Ag Retail - Natasha Lilly

Grain & Feed - Natasha Lilly

Crop Nutrition - TBD

Specialty Chem - J. Nolfo

  • Just new Chair and VC positions official

Allied Providers -

Crop Protection

Precision AgJessica Trites Rolle

  • Filling OMB board position
  • SPADE 1-3 wrap up and publications
  • Publish use cases, diagrams, and work flows
  • PAIL II (tied into Water Management Working Group)
  • Educate & Inform on resources available
    • Show WIIFM

Conference CommitteeNikki Marshall

  • Mid-Year: Altoona, AI
  • Annual Meeing: New Orleans, LA

Membership CommitteeNick Reichel (Deactivated)

  • New Chair.
  • Meeting getting moved to accomidate for schedules

 New Business  

Other Discussion Items / J. Nolfo

  • For other committee members to address topics not covered above.

 Meeting Wrap Up  
Next Meeting / J. Nolfo
  • Next Committee meeting scheduled for January 3rd @ 2:00-3:00 pm ET. 
  • Do we want to reschedule for the following week?
Adjournment / J. Nolfo

  • Meeting adjourned at approximately 2:51 pm ET

  • Active Action Items As of  

Date AssignedAction ItemDue DateComments/Status