2021-06-03 Communications Committee Meeting


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Time1:00 pm CT (Chicago)
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Susan Ruland (Unlicensed) is the acting chair. If you are interested in becoming the chair or co-chair, please speak up or feel free to contact Susan anytime.


Read antitrust statement: 

“In all of AgGateway’s operations and activities, it must avoid discussions or conduct that might violate applicable antitrust laws, or even appear to do so. To that end, AgGateway has established antitrust guidelines, which it has provided to each participant in this meeting. While it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that your actions comply with applicable antitrust laws, your participation in this meeting is affirmation that you will abide by AgGateway’s guidelines.”

AgGateway Antitrust Guidelines


Review Action Items / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)

Review action items from previous meetings.

Susan has sent requests for articles to most of the new members of 2021. 

Resources & Relationships / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)

  • Association Outreach - AFIA, ARA, etc. 

Susan has been touching base with our trade association members - offering to run articles from their newsletters in our newsletter. Also, offering them articles from our newsletter that they may want to run in theirs. Also, asking if we can use their media lists to update our media list. 

Jessica will talk with her PR folks about whether she wants to contribute something to the AgGateway newsletter. National Crop Insurance Services. 


Activity Update / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)

  • Session for Education & Action Week, Promotions for the week
  • Launching new Member Management System
  • Intro to AgGateway deck posted
  • Activity Summary posted
  • Product Catalog flyer - draft
  • Feed/ADAPT article 
  • Value in AgGateway Membership 

Communications session at Education & Action Week

Promote benefits of new Member Management System

Updated Intro to AgGateway deck is posted in the Communications Kit.

New Activity Summary is posted in "Current Portfolio" section of website. (Describes most of what AgGateway is currently working on.)

The Product Catalog Working Group provided copy for flyer; Susan will be working with the group and with Meri to get that produced.

Feed/ADAPT article and promotion - in concept/discussion

Susan working with Wendy on a small "Value" campaign - taking advantage of all your AgGateway membership has to offer.  


Materials Development 

Graphic Video - After interoperability – next topic? 


Tracking through each step of supply chain?

Inputs - specific types, how used, when, where, how much, etc. 

Come help us do this work, here's why it's important. 

Seed, Production?

Something that AGIIS solves? (what it is and isn't) - maybe feature one thing about AGIIS

ADAPT - what it does – product side (vs entity side)

Need to stay brief, relevant (fresh) 


Soil labs - labwork

Maybe do 2 new videos in 2021. 

  1. Interoperability

Graphic video project has been kicked down the road a bit due to other priorities in this first half of the year, but Susan anticipates focusing on it in 3rd quarter. 


Newsletter Planning  

Newsletter Articles - July Issue

Due June 23


  1. Portfolio Update
  2. Education & Action Week – thanks for attending, links to sessions
  3. Annual Conference - mark your calendar
  4. Product Catalog - v.2
  5. New Member Article
  6. Nominations for Ron Storms Leadership Award
  7. Latin America - Loyola
  8. Europe - Conny 
  9. Association - industry news
  10. AGIIS/Member Services: Chris Crutchfield 

Deadline June 23 for July issue. 


Group Updates

Open floor - anyone can share an update of what is happening in other areas of AgGateway where they're working. Also, determine if Communications can provide assistance.

Ag Retail group - Quick Connect Session for Annual Conference in Nashville. 

 New Business  

Other Discussion Items / Susan Ruland (Unlicensed)

  • For other committee members to address topics not covered above.

 Meeting Wrap Up  

Next Meeting 

  • Next Committee meeting: July 8, 1:00 pm CT (Chicago)

  • Active Action Items 

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