AgGateway Communications Plan

AgGateway 2016 Communications Plan - Quarterly Goals

Q2 (April-June)

Media relations

    • Column in Precision Ag publication in advance of InfoAg
    • Column directed to Ag Retailers on need to get engaged
    • Goal of at least 3 press releases this quarter

Membership Campaign

    • Messaging Further refine messaging and materials by target audience (value/benefits).  
    • Tactical activities (based on plan formulated with CEO and COO in Q1) such as letters, flyers, etc.
    • Consider materials needed, leveraging website
    • LinkedIn Group 

Materials/“Ambassador” program: (Q1 and throughout year)

    • Publicize to the membership the Communications Kit and how to use it.
    • Encourage members to have their company publications run stories on the company’s work with AgGateway.
    • Encourage ways to communicate with “c-level” executives within companies. 

Producer Engagement

  • Consider concept of producer advisory group or some other way to engage producers/get their input. Consider: roundtable co-promoted with a publication. Or whether there are advisory groups that already exist that we can tap into. 

Leverage relationships withtrade association members

  • Visits and calls 


    • Address how to facilitate newcomers into orientation of eAgriculture/ AgGateway
    • Address new members “area” and education needs
    • Re-evaluate current content and structure of the website to raise its effectiveness as a marketing tool, including:
      • Evaluate how to make the Home page more powerful
      • Address ways to maximize promotion of AgGateway resources (AGIIS, etc.)
      • Leadership recognition – Continue to recognize active companies and individuals to encourage continued volunteer participation and to demonstrate the contributions of AgGateway members companies.
      • Leverage further use of photography and video throughout the site.

Mid-Year Meeting Promotion


  • Flyer pdf
  • eBlasts 1) Register and Reserve hotel now (4/12); 2) Sponsorships (4/26)
  • Newsletter: May issue – Highlights, invite a trading partner (due 4/15; publish 5/4)
  • Communication to Councils to encourage registration (4/6)
  • Trade associations: Blurbs with request to run on their websites/newsletters (4/8)


  • Press release - promote speaker and educational opps, invite a trading partner – (5/4)
  • eBlasts: 1) Hotel reminder, invite a colleague (5 reasons you should be at MYM) – (5/3); 2) Invite a trading partner, hotel/registration reminder – (5/10); 3) Previous attendees eblast (5/17); 4)       Networking opportunities, roughly 2 weeks out registration reminder – (5/24)
  • Communication to councils to encourage registration (5/2)
  • Newsletter: last minute information, transportation options (due 5/18; publish 6/3)

June (meeting begins June 13)

  • Membership eblasts: 1) Final reminder/logistics details (6/7); Survey (6/22)
  • Newsletter – July issue – thank sponsors (due 6/17) 

Annual Conference Promotion


  • Website: Events page set up
  • Newsletter: Save the date on right sidebar of newsletter
  • MYM: Promotion at the meeting – info table about Annual Conference

AgGateway Global Network

  • Presence on AgGateway website with messaging on why it’s important to support these efforts.
    • Approach to affiliates’ logos – work with Rod Conner.