PriceSheet Including Segment - Web Services Scenario

Date Updated: 2017-05-04

Context of Use: This is a high level Business Use Case (BUC) for the electronic Price Sheet that includes how the segment will be identified in message version 5.4 or higher, using web services.  This does not apply to versions prior to v5.4.

Scope: Pricing distribution process from manufacturers to distributors/retailers using Web Services

Primary Actor: Seller/Manufacturer

Stakeholders and Interests

  • Buyer:  Buyer of product (distributor/retailer)
  • Seller:  Seller of product (manufacturer/supplier)

Success Guarantees: Buyer has received the current product cost information for products available for sell by the Seller that includes the segment.

Trigger: A new product or changes in product information, pricing or terms have changed


  • Buyer's and Seller's relationship has been previously established.
  • Pricing and terms have been determined in the past.
  • Trading partners have synchronized the products with the AGIIS directory and with their trading partner.

Main Success Scenario


Buyer requests an updated price sheet from the Seller (Buyer may specify certain criteria within the message as to what kind of price sheets they want to receive)

Related Message (v5.4):  PriceSheetRequest


Seller sends Buyer PriceSheet to disseminate the product information from their business system.
Related Message (v5.1.1 or higher): PriceSheet


Buyer receives PriceSheet from Seller into their business system

Business Guidelines to distinguish the industry segment: There will be only one industry segment specified per message.


Extensions for Step 1
- Extension # 1: Buyer is unable to send price sheet request

1.Buyer will determine the issue and resolve.
2.Buyer will contact Seller if issue is not resolved quickly, to notify them of the request.

Extensions for Step 2
- Extension # 1: Seller is unable to send price sheet


Seller will determine the issue and resolve.

2.Seller will contact Buyer if they are not able to resolve quickly.

Extensions for Step 2
- Extension # 1: Buyer is unable to receive price sheet


Seller will receive technical response that Buyer has not received based on their trigger alerts threshold.  Seller will contact Buyer to resolve issues


  • Buyers and Sellers business systems should have the same pricing and terms information and updated with effective dates.



Some Sellers may send all price sheets out each time; others may only send the price sheets that were changed.


The AGIIS GTIN will be the product ID.


Author: Joint Council PriceSheet Task Force
Date Created: 2017-05-04