2017-09-20_CPCC Meeting Agenda and Notes

Crop Protection Canada Connectivity Project

Project Board Call


11:00 am EST – 11:30 am EST

Toll: +1 (800) 725-9183
Access Code: 4184798

AT&T link in the meeting invite











Documents embedded:

|Contacts: Heather Byrne-Moumdjian (Heather.A.Byrne-1@can.dupont.com ) 905.816.3431


[] Gregg Allan, Syngenta
[X] Stan Audette, Dow AgroSciences
[X] Heather Byrne-Moumdjian, DuPont (Chair)
[] Cecilia Sheppard, CPS
[] Greg Knox, Richardson
[] Mitch Long, FMC
[] Rob Schultz, Bayer

Pierre Petelle, CropLife Canada
Colleen Hogan, CropLife Canada
Rod Conner, AgGateway



[]Trevor Jackson, Richardson
[] Chuck Cohen- Richardson
[X]Stephanie Frazier, Dow AgroSciences
[] Marilyn Ostendorf – Dow AgroSciences
[] Matt McBean – Dow AgroSciences
[X]Julie Bauman, Monsanto
[]Kim Flaugher, Monsanto
[] Len Dobbins, FMC
[] Lori Edwards – Syngenta
[X] Joe Gifford – Syngenta
[X] Nick Purbrick - Syngenta
[] Tim Duthie – UFA
[] Lisa Moskowy – Bayer
[] Mark Morris – Bayer
[] Susan Fornes – FMC
[] Carol Wallace – Elemica
[] Christina Galanakis – BASF
[] Kathy Belej – BASF
[] Dan Caldwell - FCL
[] Dan Kelly - Syngenta
[] Mike Altman - Syngenta

Project Coordinator:
[] Josh Wall – AgGateway
[] Chris Crutchfield
[X] Brent Kemp - AgGateway







Topic Leader

Desired Outcome



  1. Meeting Minutes assigned



Byrne Moumdjian

Minute-taker assigned



  1. AGW Anti-Trust Guidelines




Each team member has agreed to abide by it (see link above)

All Agreed


  1. Review Readiness of all participants




Updates to the Participant Readiness Spreadsheet – Status of manufacturers and distributors ( 2015 CPCC Tracker)

Require updates from:

Updates Sept 20, 2017:

  • BASF – planning to connect with Richardson this year. Would like to connect with an additional partner in 2017.
  • BAYER – Focused on acquisition, resourcing issue
  • CPS – Per Cecilia no projects until 2018/2019
  • Dow – Q1 2018
  • DuPont – Currently resources focused on remedy and merge activity. 2018 for new projects
  • FMC – Per Mitch Long direction is not clear at this time
  • FCL – email sent to Daniel Caldwell
  • Monsanto – Not definitive at this time. Perhaps summer 2018
  • Richardson –Next connection will be with BASF. Concerned with putting resources into project until industry settles from all of the changes. Would like to connect with another supplier this year. If a manufacturer is interested then contact Greg Knox to further discuss.
  • Syngenta – Resources for projects in 2018
  • UFA – confirmed no projects in 2017 possibly 2018
  • Univar – no longer member of AgGateway

    Discussion on how AgGateway can assist with communicating to distributors about the CPCC project. Brent Kemp can help this team if required after we meet in January.
    United Suppliers – is there an opportunity for a connectivity project as they are active in AgGateway. Brent to follow up with Dave Hoyt-United Suppliers


  1. Any additional items for discussion




Request to compare the CPPC standards with the US standards

Stephanie Frazier is reviewing the Crop Protection Council changes verses the CPCC team standards


  1. Next Meeting




Agree upon frequency of calls ie Quarterly

Schedule meeting for January 2018 - Heather






















Active Action Items List (Items in bold are new items)



Accountable/Date Assigned

Action Task





Heather Byrne Moumdjian

Schedule meeting for January 2018


Brent Kemp

Confirm if United Suppliers is available for connectivity work










Completed Action Items List



Accountable/Date Assigned

Action Task



Heather Byrne Moumdjian

Set Up Board meeting to continue with agenda items not covered at this meeting

COMPLETE – AUG 20/14 meeting scheduled

Send CPCC Charter to Brent Kemp @ AgGateway



Heather Byrne Moumdjian

Set up QUARTERLY meetings for the team



Josh Wall

Forward 'Fuzzy List" to Heather for inclusion with the meeting notes



Heather Byrne Moumdjian

Ensure that the 2015 project tracker is on the AgGateway CPCC project page



Heather Byrne Moumdjian

Include AgGateway member services email in meeting notes for those who need assistance with AGIIS



Rob Schultz

Reach out to Monsanto to understand who will represent on the CPCC team

Complete – new contacts at Monsanto


Heather Byrne Moumdjian

Set up meeting for Q2