2018-01-25 Cross Council Business Rules Meeting Agenda/Minutes


x Lori EdwardsSyngentaChair/Leader
x Marilyn HunterAgGateway Staff Support

Eric HoefingACSARC/SC
x Ann Vande LuneKey Coop ARC/SC
x Mike BallJR Simplot ARC

 Mike SmithXS, Inc. APC/PA

 Mike ThronsonControl Systems APC/GFC
x Mike CarrabineIRMCNC

 Mike GliddenJR Simplot CNC/CPC

Jeff Baader CF Industries CNC 

Clay MayerSyngentaCPC
xJulie BenickWinfield United CPC

Kay CampeRosen'sCPC

 Matt GarciaSyngenta CPC 
x Seth PetersonWilbur-Ellis CPC 

Julie BaumanMonsantoCPC/SC

Steve OberlanderCHSGFC

 Dennis DaggettProAg PAC

 Shannon HaringxSyngentaPAC

 Dan BerneNEEA PAC 

Jeff BeldingRiceTecSC

 Joe GiffordSyngenta SC 
x Anthony JamesSyngenta SC 

Theresa SmithBASFSCC

Carol ContinoBayerSCC

Jim WilsonAgGatewayStaff Support

Ewa WojcikCF Industries
xMatt GarciaSyngenta

 Meeting Information


1:00pm EST

90 minutes


 +1 (669) 224-3412

Access Code


Task Force:

PurposeTo see where the various council segment implementation business could be harmonized.  The group will review draft harmonization document noting those similar where a merge or modification can occur.  

Responsibilities:  Meet, discuss and recommend any changes or additions to the new harmonized business rules document.  

Deliverables: Team will deliver a Cross-Council Harmonized Business Rules document to be stored on the wiki page with the other reference documents.  This document will be managed by the Standards & Guidelines Committee.  The document will be noted with the modification, date of modification and members participating in the review.  The plan is to have this completed to be reviewed and approved by the Crop Nutrition, Crop Protection, Feed, Seed, AgRetail, Specialty Chem and Allied Providers Councils by Annual Conference 2018.


Topic (Leader)

Desired Outcome

Pre-Meeting Notes and Links to Supporting Resources

Meeting Minutes

1Anti-Trust (Leader)

Each participant indicates that he/she understands and agrees to abide by the AgGateway Anti-Trust Policy, or leaves the meeting.

2Any new members identifiedIf anyone has joined new to the task force
3Meeting MinutesMeeting minutes note taker assigned  (E. Hoefing or next on attendee list)
4Meeting Agenda (Leader)The team understands the agenda, adjusting it as necessary.
5Approved of Prior Minutes

Unapproved minutes of previous meetings are approved.

2017-12-19 Cross Council Business Rules Meeting Agenda/Minutes

 MSA: (Matt Garcia motioned / Anthony James 2nd /Minutes approved) Approve the minutes from the 2017-12-19 meeting as posted to wiki and emailed.

6Review Action Items from prior meetingsUpdate in Tasks/Actions

7Review Business Rules form

 Continue review of business rules - starting with #30

2018-01-24_Working Document Harmonized Business Rules .xls

Started with #15

Completed: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 27, 29

WIP: 21, 24, 25, 26, 30

To Followup: #21 - Does this still pertain to anyone? CP Council to review if this is still relevant.

#24, #25 - Take back to Seed Council for review to see if it is still needed - Anthony James agreed to take back to Seed

#26 - CP to review and talk with Canadian audience about this rule. - 

#28 - CN to Review to see if it is still relevant to Council - Mike Carrabine took it council and it was determined that the rule was relevant so make generic to all councils. 

#30 - is there more to the definition "input or output".  Pick up from here next time

Action items added below

8 Discuss next steps (requirements gathering, process, assignment of tasks)(Leader)

Document next steps

Pre-meeting notes and links to resources supporting the topic discussion

9Other itemsDiscuss any additional items that came up during meeting
10Next MeetingThe team aware of the next meeting date and time and recurring meeting schedule.

Pick up from Rule #33 the next time.

February 8th, 1pm EST.

11AdjournmentAdjourn - timeMeeting was cut short due to GTM conflict.  Adjourned at 12:45

Tasks/Action Items

WhoWhen AssignedWhatDeadline StatusUpdate

Seed Council to discuss short and long description and what is manadatory

Rule #32


All Councils2018-1-25All Councils Review #31 to see if they are utilizing this and agree to the rule (CP especially)2018-02-29

Carol2018-1-25Specialty Council Review - what products are considered input output on Rule 302018-02-29

Lori 2017-12-19

Follow up on items below at next CP Council meeting (Feb. 8)

#21 - Does this still pertain to anyone? CP Council to review if this is still relevant.

#26 - CP to review and talk with Canadian audience about this rule.

 2018-02-29 Not Started
 Anthony 2017-12-19 #24, #25 - Take back to Seed Council for review to see if it is still needed201/-02-29 Not StartedAnthony will take to next seed meeting in Feb.
 ??? 2017-12-19 #28 - CN to Review to see if it is still relevant to Council2018-01-31 CompletedMike Carrabine took it council and it was determined that the rule was relevant so make generic to all councils. 
Lori2017-12-06Ask trading partners for different Date Types and how date time qualifer is used within those (pertaining to rules #13 & #14)2018-01-31Not StartedJanuary Timeframe
Lori 2017-12-06Request from Standards and Guidlines Committee: GTIN added as agency attribute value for product identifier for future message versions (Lori will keep list other requests that arise for S&G committee to present at once to them) End of ProjectIn Progress
 Lori2017-12-06 Clean up segment column 2017-12-19 Complete 
 Lori2017-12-06 Clean up modified segment column 2017-12-19 Complete 
Lori2017-12-06Send out Doodle poll for December meeting and recurring meeting slot  2017-12-08 Complete
Lori2017-11-09Include all Councils in the Charter2017-11-16Complete
Lori   2017-11-09CP Council to present charter to leadership 2018-01-15 In Progress Council Leadership approved it but was determined not a structure within AgGateway so Marilyn will take it to OMB in Feb for their approval.
Marilyn  2017-11-09Cross-Council Wiki setup2017-11-30 Complete 
Lori 2017-11-09 Figure out how to get rules linked to Click 2018-01-30Not Started 
 Lori 2017-11-09Inquire with Jim Wilson about how best to organize the harmonization structure   2018-01-30  Not Started
Eric 2017-11-09Assist in working through the tech portion / translation of the business rules  2018-01-30  Not Started
 Lori 2017-11-09List out each segment rather than all   2017-11-30  Complete
Lori 2017-11-09need to look at adding a status field / column  2017-11-30  Complete
 Marilyn 2017-11-09XRP vs CN → Add XRP to AgGlossary  2017-12-15  In ProgressMarilyn progressing on this today.
 Lori 2017-11-09Add AgRetail in read first statements  2017-11-30 Complete 
 Lori 2017-11-09Go back and highlight differences between rules in order for members to compare offline  2017-11-30  Complete
 Lori 2017-11-09

Send out a doodle poll for meeting times with an every other week occurrence  

**Note - this has been done for the first meeting, need to schedule remainder based on best day / time starting in January

 2017-11-30  Complete
Lori2017-12-19CP to review #21 to see if this is still relevantEnd of Project

Ann2017-12-19Seed Council to review #24, #25 to see if it can be deletedEnd of Project

Lori2017-12-19CP to review with Canadian audience on field dropsEnd of Project

Jeff B.2017-12-19CN to review #28 to see if it is still relevant to their councilEnd of Project