ADAPT - PersonRoles Definitions

One of the expected uses for the AgGlossary ( has been to serve as a repository for concepts and their definitions arising from AgGateway projects. On   the Glossary Team requested that ADAPT review (and improve as needed) the following proposed definitions, including relabeling any of the PersonRoles as needed..

TermInitial Proposed DefinitionProposed Improved definitions
(Include person proposing)
Status, Comments
AuthorizerA person designated by the owner or farm manager with the official power to authorize action in the execution of a work order or task associated with the production of a commodity.

Business PartnerJoint Managers or investors in the farming operation who may or may not be involved in day to day decision making.   
Certified Crop Advisoradd "disease management" to definition in GLossary.

Crop Scout / Crop Advisor A trained consultant who can make assessments of pest, weed, and disease pressure on crop performance and their impact on crop performance by specific location for better interpretation.

Custom Service ProviderProviding work to fulfill an order, executing the performance of assigned duties to fulfill a work order in the completion of a farm operation task.

CustomerA person or company that purchases goods or services from another person or company.
This one is on the Glossary
Data Services ProviderA person or organization that deals with gathered specific farm operation facts, statistics, and information by providing and/or supplying analyzed farm operation data to the grower and/or farm manager to aid them in managing the production of a commodity. 

ElevatorAn agrarian facility complex designed to stock pile or store grain.  Additionally, a place where farmers sell grain into the global grain distribution system, and/or a place where the grain is moved into rail cars or ocean-going ships for transport.  
EmployeePersonnel employed by the farm to perform a role or function in day to day activities to keep the operation running   
End userThe ultimate user, person or organization, that utilizes the commodity produced by a farm; the end or conclusion and final use of commodity by a processor. 

Farm ManagerThe person or organization that has control or direction of a farm operation; one who controls resources and expenditures.

Field Operations Service Provider The person or organization responsible for consuming Work Orders, performing or supporting field operations, and producing Work Records.  
FinancierA person or organization engaged in financing and management of loans or lines of credit used in supporting farm operations.

Fixed Asset ProviderStationary asset supplier - a person, organization or entity that supplies permanent or stationary land-based fixtures or machinery that is used in the production, care, and storage of commodity inputs and commodity production (i.e. bin dealer).

GrowerAn individual in charge of on-site farm operations to produce, harvest, transport and store a commodity; one who oversees mobile and stationary asset usage; one who oversees selection, application and usage of all commodity inputs.

Harvested Commodity Broker A party that buys the harvested commodity from the grower and resells into markets. This party could conceivably sell to the grower in case of a futures contract the grower is unable to meet.  
Industry Association  Organization representing the grower's interest in a specific market.  Potential functions include government lobbying and creating new market opportunities.  
Input Supplier

Input Seed Supplier - A person or organization that supplies, sells and/or supports seed or genetics to be planted to produce a specific commodity. 

Input Crop Protection - Herbicide Provider - A person or organization that supplies, sells and/or supports crop protection herbicide products to be applied to a specific commodity to control weeds. 

 A person or organization that supplies, sells and/or supports crop nutrition products to be applied to a specific commodity to support yield goal targets.

Insurance AgentA state-licensed person who is licensed, appointed, and authorized to offer and support insurance products on behalf of a licensed insurance company for a person or organization involved in a farm operation.

Irrigation ManagerA person or organization that controls or directs the use of water, irrigation method, and irrigation events in the production of a commodity within a farm operation.

LandlordA person or organization to whom the farmer pays rent (in the form of cash or commodity) for the leasing of land.   
Market AdvisorA person or organization directly involved in the buy/sell trade of a commodity who provides advice to the owner or producer of a commodity.

MarketProviderThe institution or individual that purchases a commodity for resale or processing.

Mobile Asset ProviderA person or organization that supplies rolling or mobile-based fixtures or machinery that is usable in the production, care, and transport of commodity inputs and commodity production.

OperatorThe farm operator is the recognized operator overseeing the farm operation. The operator may or may not be the primary operator of the ag machinery. Other names are: client, grower, farmer, and producer.
The definition shown is not ADAPT-specific, and means something quite different.
ProcessorA person or organization that purchases a raw commodity and initiates and executes a series of systematic actions to convert the raw product into a processed product that can be used or utilized by an end user.

RetailerSeller of inputs to the farm operation    
Transporter A person or organization that utilizes transport equipment to carry, move, or convey something from one place to another.