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Interoperability has been a formidable hurdle to the use of precision ag technologies. ADAPT, which stands for Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit, will eliminate the major pain points to broad use of precision agriculture data by easily enabling interoperability between different software and hardware applications. AgGateway's ADAPT Committee is now coordinating with software companies on plug-ins needed for ADAPT's adoption. Several hardware and software companies are already in the process of developing plug-ins for their proprietary formats that allow the conversion from one format to another.

ADAPT is an open source project, allowing precision ag software providers globally to use the software and to contribute to its continued development, all with the goal of ensuring broad adoption.

ADAPT has been developed over several years by a large, collaborative group of AgGateway members from a variety of manufacturer and agricultural software companies, who all recognized that the farmer and other agricultural users have a critical need to use data from multiple sources to improve decision processes. Once adopted, ADAPT will allow the user to move precision ag data between different software systems easily and simply. For example, ADAPT will enable farm information management applications to easily use precision ag data collected on vehicle displays (field computers).

The AgGateway ADAPT Committee’s mission is the ongoing process of providing open-source solutions that enhance interoperability between systems that create and manage agricultural data. The committee is composed of two teams, Business and Technical. For more information contact AgGateway Members Services at

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