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Modified on 2011-08-11 13:10 by Jim Wilson


AgGateway standards cover a broad range of technologies: EDI, XML, bar codes, etc. A frequently asked question is, "What standards are supported and not supported?" Sometimes the motivation for the question is simply to be generally informed. Sometimes the motivation for the question is related to an impending implementation where one party prefers one version of a standard and the other party prefers a different version. In either case it is important that AgGateway have a policy regarding standards support.

What Does it Mean to Support a Standard?

Before we answer the question, "What does it mean to support a standard?" we should answer a more fundamental question. What do we mean by "standard?" In this context (i.e., what AgGateway supports), by "standard" we typically mean a specific version of XML schemas (e.g., Ag eStandards version 5.1.1.) Sometimes we also mean associated guidelines. For the purposes of this policy, for now, we'll restrict our definition to be a specific version of XML schemas. Later we may expand the policy to address other standards or guidelines.

The ultimate expression of support for a standard is to implement it. AgGateway doesn't implement standards, but facilitates implementation. In that context, AgGateway may support a standard in one or more of the following ways:

  • Make the standard available for download from the AgGateway web site
  • Don't make the standard available for download from the AgGateway web site, but point out its availability from the OAGi website.
  • Take responsibility for trying to answer implementation questions about the standard. Note that "no" doesn't mean that we would refuse to answer questions, we would just feel free to respond that we don't know the answer and that the version is no longer supported at that level (or at all).
  • Declare the standard's availability for use in new implementation projects (i.e., could be specified in the project charter as the version to use).
  • Facilitate its implementation in an implementation project
  • Provide written advice about suggested use (or no use) of a standard (e.g., AgGateway recommends using Ag eStandards 5.1.1 for all new standards implementations)

AgGateway Standards Addressed by this Policy

  • EDI (Technically Guidelines)
  • Ag eStandards version 2.0.2 (DTD)
  • Ag eStandards version 3.0 (DTD)
  • Ag eStandards version 4.0 (W3C XML Schema)
  • Ag eStandards version 5.0 (W3C XML Schema)
  • Ag eStandards version 5.1 (W3C XML Schema)
  • Ag eStandards version 5.1.1 (W3C XML Schema)

AgGateway Standards Support Matrix

Support Resource / ActivityEDI2.*
Available on AgGateway Websiteyesnononoyesnoyes 
Inform Availability on OAGi Websitenoyesyesyesnonono 
Budget Resources to Answer Implementation Questionsnonononoyesnoyes 
Available for Use in New Projectsnonononoyesnoyes 
Facilitate Implementation in Projectsnonononoyesnoyes 
Provide Suggested Use Guidanceyesyesyesyesyesyesyes 

* Ag eStandards 5.1 contained a critical flaw that was corrected in version 5.1.1. AgGateway and OAGi agreed to withdraw 5.1 availability and refer implementers to 5.1.1.

Further Considerations

  1. Should we add EDI to this list? (Jim and Marilyn think so.) If so, when?
  2. What about guidelines?
  3. Does this policy require Board approval? Management Team approval? What about any approval being qualified, e.g., approval is only required when any element in the matrix is changed to be more restrictive.


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