Order Process - Feed

  • Descriptions of Messages used
    • OrderCreate: Buyer sends Seller a message to order product
    • OrderResponse:  Seller validates order and sends an accepted OrderResponse to Buyer.  Seller will send either a delivery or release number to Buyer for authorization to release product.  The Seller may send a OrderResponse (unsolicited) if they need to make a change to the order that is currently in their system (product not available or out of stock, change in delivery/pickup, etc.).  The Buyer will confirm with an OrderChange.
  • Business Use Cases
  • Mapping tools
  • Instance Documents
    • Instance documents were not created for these messages - you may want to review the Crop Nutrition instance documents
  • Ag eStandards 5.0
  • Business Rules:
    • Business Rules- (after downloading, enable the spreadsheet, then use the filter tool to filter to include all, OrderCreate and OrderResponse to view the specific business rules)

Other Implementation Resources:  These are other tools or resources that might aid you in your implementation.