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Alfalfa Reporting Guidelines Request Details
Modified on 2012-03-08 11:51 by Jim Wilson


Monsanto is taking a proactive step in collecting GPS coordinates and net acres information for an Alfalfa product with the Roundup Ready Trait. We are proposing the following EDI and XML segments to communicate this data to Monsanto.

Longitude and Latitude values must be expressed in decimal degree format. Negative sign is required for Longitude as applicable.

EDI 867 Point of Sale


Add 3 REF segments within each QTY loop for Round Up Ready Alfalfa products:

Fields used to capture of Longitude, Latitude, and Net Acres.


3020 X12 and above

  1. "13" – Latitude (Horizontal Coordinate)
  2. "15" – Longitude (Vertical Coordinate)
  3. "ZZ" - Net Acres (Mutually Defined), use REF03 to indicate ZZ = NET ACRES


REF*13*48.000000~ REF*15*-125.000000~ REF*ZZ*3500.00*NET ACRES~

Ag eStandards XML Schema - ProductMovementReport

Node and segments used to capture Longitude, Latitude, and Net Acres


4.0 and above


Use “Characteristic” Node in the “ProductMovementReport” message



  1. "CharacteristicCode" of Longitude, Latitude and netAcres respectively (the attribute would be “Other”).
  2. "CharacteristicDescription" would hold the respective values.


    <CharacteristicCode Domain="Other">Latitude</CharacteristicCode> 
    <CharacteristicCode Domain="Other">Longitude</CharacteristicCode> 
    <CharacteristicCode Domain="Other">NetAcres</CharacteristicCode> 
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