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Thank you for checking out the Precision Ag Irrigation Language (PAIL) Project.

If your company sees value in helping growers irrigate more efficiently, you've come to the right placeHere you can find out more about PAIL and take the next steps to joining the project.  

 The Basics

The goal of the PAIL project is to provide an industry-wide format that will enable the exchange and use of data to and from irrigation management systems, which are currently stored in a variety of proprietary formats.

For an overview of the problems being tackled by PAIL and the approach we're taking, please review:

To understand more about what the project is about, what's in scope, and to see the project budget, please visit AgGateway PAIL Project Charter and Budget

How it works

In order to best serve and protect the participating stakeholders, all AgGateway project activities are governed by the organization's Antitrust policy and Intellectual Property Rights policy. Their text can be viewed using the following links:

Within these guidelines, PAIL participants participate in one or more sub-team projects (called "sprints"). Here we outline the business case, identify what users need to be successful, and either find existing data standards to adopt, or define and publish new standards. Whether your experience is on the business side or in the technical arena, we can use your expertise and enthusiasm.

Who is already participating?

We're 20+ companies, ranging from irrigation equipment OEMs to sensor manufacturers, to software companies to system integrators. Some of us are direct competitors. All of us share the goal of helping growers irrigate more efficiently by sharing actionable data.

  The full list can be viewed at PAIL Participating Companies

Why are they participating?

"Interoperability is a vital part of getting the most from technology in agriculture." J. Matthew Pryor, CEO Observant

“Our ClearAg ecosystem of services leverages interoperability and information exchange across the disciplines of agronomy and environmental monitoring and modeling, including field operations.  We are pleased to be a part of PAIL to help maximize the efficiency of how our industry collects, exchanges, and leverages diverse data sources and expertise to ensure agriculture is most effectively using the world’s most valuable natural resource.” Brent Shaw, Iteris

"With a common set  of data standards in place, industry can deliver much more efficient, easy-to-use solutions for producers, which will help them use available water more effectively.” Terry Schiltz, CEO AgSense

“Because of the PAIL project, in precision irrigation today, moving data successfully is now a priority instead of a nuisance.” Andy Smith, Valmont

How can YOU participate?

All PAIL participants must be members of AgGateway. Not a member? It's easy to sign up. Just contact

To join the follow-up efforts to the PAIL Project, please contact AgGateway's Portfolio Manager Ben Craker, at

You can also contact Ben with any questions or for more information.

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