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Contact: Scott Meredith

Phone: 515-223-0078


About ACS

Our passion is simplifying technology and discovering dynamic solutions that help your organization run more efficiently, more profitably and more productively. Solutions that reduce your stress and increase your confidence in getting work done. Solutions that are tailored to your needs, your company and your business goals. At ACS, there are no “off-the-shelf” solutions - we focus on functional requirements and needed efficiencies. This allows us to lead you to more creative solutions delivered by our team of expert consultants.



Primary Customers

  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers

Other Products & Services

Business Services

    • Software Development

    • Business Intelligence
    • Business Process Optimization

    • Managed IT Services
    • IT Hardware
    • Cloud Strategy Consulting
    • Security as a Service
    • Disaster Recovery Services
    • Business Contunity Consulting

AgGateway EDI Messaging

Supported Message Types

    •  N/A

Supported Protocols

    • N/A

Number of Connections

    • N/A

Industry Segments

  • Seed

  • Crop Nutrients
  • Crop Protection
  • Agronomy Planning
  • Grain

AgGateway XML Messaging

Supported Message Types

    • Invoice 
    • Order Response Log 
    • Price and Availability 
    • Price Sheet 
    • Product Booking 
    • Product Movement Report 
    • Retail Order Summary 
    • Ship Notice

Supported Protocols

    • Web Services

Number of Connections

    • 1 to 9

Implemented Support For

    • Seed Connectivity II

AGIIS Directory Support

Implemented Support For

  • AGIIS Entities (Businesses, People, and Locations) 
  • AGIIS Products 
  • Trait/Grower Licenses

Integration Methods

  • Web Service Integration 
  • Static import/export of AGIIS data

Software Products

  • Ag Retail - Agronomy 
  • Business Intelligence - Tableau
  • CRM 
  • Integration/B2B/Supply Chain 
  • Sale Data Collection, Analysis, Report

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

    • Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • App Dev for Windows 
    • App Dev for Mobile (smart phones and tablets) 
    • App Dev for Websites/ Web Apps 
    • Integration / B2B / Supply Chain Management 
    • IT Outsourcing 

Technology Expertise

    • Managed IT Services 24 X 7
    • Virtual Desktop (VMware, Citrix)
    • Security (Cisco, Varonis, Trend, Kaspersky)
    • Business Intelligence - Tableau
    • Cloud & Hosted Strategy
    • IT Hardware (IBM, Cisco, Dell EMC, HP, Tegile)
    • Programming Languages: 
      C#, VB.Net 
    • Web Services-SOAP 
    • Web Services-REST 
    • XML 
    • Data Mapping/XSLT 
    • Database (SQL/JDBC/ODB

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