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Strategic Plan, Recommendation, & Work Order Discussion ObservationsWorkItem: PartADAPT - LoggedData / OperationData / Section / Meter Discussion
DocumentAbstractADAPT - Document / DocumentCorrelation DiscussionPlan: Document is an abstract ancestor of Plan, Observations, Recommendation,  Work Order and Work Record. The child classes inherit all of its attributes.
PlanStrategicADAPT - Plan, Recommendation, & Work Order DiscussionStrategic document for laying out how a crop will be grown on an extent of land
ObservationsTacticalADAPT - Observations: Observations"This is what's happeneing out in the field". This tactical document is a wrapper for one or more Datasets containing ISO 19156-themed Observations and Measurements.
RecommendationTacticalADAPT - Recommendation: Plan, Recommendation, & Work Order Discussion "This is what I think we should do out in the field"
WorkOrderTacticalADAPT - Plan, Recommendation, & Work Order Discussion WorkOrder: "This is what we will do out in the field"
  • WorkItem
TacticalPartADAPT - Plan, Recommendation, & Work Order Discussion WorkItem and StatusUpdate DiscussionTool for expressing a desired course of action for a single pass over a cropzone or field
  • WorkItemOperation: 
PartADAPT - WorkItem and StatusUpdate WorkItemOperation DiscussionWorkItemOperation: Tool for describing a particular desired field operation within a WorkItemADAPT - WorkItemOperation Discussion
  • Manual Prescription
  • Spatial Prescription
PartADAPT - Prescription Discussion
WorkRecord: TacticalADAPT - WorkRecord Discussion"This is what actually happened in the field operation"
  • LoggedData
PartADAPT - WorkRecord LoggedData / OperationData / Section / Meter DiscussionLoggedData: Capturing the spatially-explicit, dense data within a WotkRecordPart
  • Summary
PartADAPT - Summary Attributes Discussion
LoadPartADAPT - Load / LoadDestination Discussion
Load DestinationPartADAPT - Load / LoadDestination Discussion


Manufacturer and BrandReferenceADAPT - Manufacturer and Brand Discussion (Used by Equipment and Products)
ADAPT - ReferenceLayer (Obstacle, variety locator, soil map, management zone, etc)
(For CropVariety, see Product)
Reference / Setup

ADAPT - Crop Discussion


 DANIEL DANFORD: Matches Source

 Andres Ferreyra Matched model, rearranged attributes to be identical.

Product (Chemical, fertilizer, TankMix)Reference / Setup

ADAPT - Product / CropProtectionProduct / FertilizerProduct / CropVariety / Trait Discussion

Grower, Farm, Field, Cropzone, ContactInfo, Location, FacilitySetupADAPT - Grower / Farm / Field / Cropzone / ContactInfo / Location / Facility / FacilityTypeEnum Discussion
PlaceSetupADAPT - Place / PlaceTypeEnum Discussion
CropZoneSetupADAPT - Grower / Farm / Field / Cropzone / ContactInfo / Location / Facility / FacilityTypeEnum Discussion
FIeldBoundarySetupADAPT - FieldBoundary Discussion
People and their RolesSetupADAPT - Person / PersonRole / Company Discussion
SetupDataSetupADAPT - Catalog (Setup Data) Discussion