AgGateway New Member On-Boarding Process





  • The AgGateway CEO or EVP either approves or denies membership and notifies Member Services of approval
  • If denied, CEO or EVP will notify the applicant of the denial in writing.

Member Services

  • Submit membership application for approval to CEO or COO/EVP (Wendy Smith or Brent Kemp). CC Regional Directors as appropriate when obtaining approval.
  • Communicates to the Staff, BOD, the Steering Committees (NA, LATAM, EUR) that we have a new AgGateway member.
  • Notifies Webmaster of new member to add company to membership listing and to post company logo, if provided, to the AgGateway website.
  • Notifies Communications Committee ( of the new member (newsletter article, social media announcements)
  • Adds member company and contact information into ETAP and to mailing lists in Office 365
  • Adds member volunteers to Newsletter Distribution list in ETAP
  • Adds Area of Interest/Council points of contact to the appropriate Area of Interest/Council mailing lists via Office 365 and within ETAP
  • Emails Paula Shaw, ( instructing her to invoice for their AgGateway membership (NA, Europe Only)
  • Emails to invoice LATAM members
  • Send invitation to register for the AgGateway wiki
  • Sends approved enrollment form to Administrative Assistant to file in Sharepoint
  • Sends welcome email to primary and secondary contacts, including the AGIIS enrollment form and subscriber agreement
  • Mails out a new member package to each new member contact  which includes:
    • Welcome letter from CEO
    • AgGateway memory stick containing an AgGateway folder which contains the following information:
      1. AgGateway Staff Contacts
      2. AgGateway Antitrust Guidelines
      3. AgGateway Policies and Procedures
      4. AgGateway Bylaws
      5. AgGateway Patents Policy
  • Member Services will conduct an entrance interview about 60-90 days after the member has joined.  Entrance Interview Template
  • Member Services will coordinate quarterly New Member Orientation webinars
  • Member Services will email the webinar video link and presentation deck to any new members that did not attend the webinar.
  • Will coordinate the "Meet & Greet" session(s) at the F2F meetings with the Conference Committee
  • Will send a personal invitation to the new members and their mentors to the Meet & Greet session(s)
  • Will coordinate a mentor webinar/session at least 2X a year for those willing to be a mentor
  • Will maintain the master list of the mentors and those being mentored
  • (Suggestion was made that Member Services may be able to help maintain the Mentor List once AgGateway implements a new CRM tool. We might be able to flag mentors in the system. If a mentorship ends or expires, the flag may be deactivated for the mentor. Need to revisit this after CRM tool is implemented)
Communications CommitteeWill communicate and welcome our new member in social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+).  Will reach out to new member to highlight their organization and their joining AgGateway in upcoming newsletter article


  • Adds company name to AgGateway website Member page and posts company logo, if provided

AGW Admin/Bookkeeper

  •  Sends out the W-9 form to primary contact member to submit for tax purposes. 
  • Sends invoice for membership (NA and Europe only)
Portfolio Management Center
  • Will reach out to new member and discuss Working Groups in progress, or those getting ready to spin up, to help new member get engaged in work and find immediate value


Willing to be a contact person for an new AgGateway member for 3-6 months minimum and for as long as the mentor and those being mentored are mutually agreed. Here are suggested contact:

  • Initial email with contact information and set up an appointment to talk
  • Initial phone call to introduce each other
    • Find out why the new company joined AgGateway
    • What they hope to get from being a member of AgGateway
    • How you can help be a mentor:
      • Willing to be a sounding board for them
      • Meet them at the face-to-face meetings and introduce them to others with similar interests or trading partners
  • Follow up calls or emails about once a month:
    • Encourage them to attend the 1st Time Attendee Orientation at their first meeting
    • Find out if they have any questions, and answer questions based on your experience or refer them to Member Services if you can't answer their questions (866.251.8618)
    • Remind and encourage them to become involved in the Council calls, tasks forces and committees that fit for them. Involvement is critical for new members
  • Check to see if they are receiving the newsletter and invites to council and committee meetings that they are interested in.

A mentoring webinar will be provided as training at least 2X a year.

On-Boarding Tools for New Member Web Page: 

Document Type



Quarterly New Member Webinar - Serve as our formal Orientation Presentation to be given quarterly for all new members and anyone new to AgGateway.  Member Services will email the webinar video link and presentation deck to any new members that did not attend the webinar.


Presentation until a video can be produced.

Tour of AgGateway Website - Overview of the website and information content


  • Not aware that this has been done.

Presentation until Video can be produced.

AGIIS 101 - An introduction along with value it brings to the membership


  • Member Services will need to provide.