December 17, 2021

Seven years in, the ADAPT toolkit is widely used for managing and translating field operations data worldwide.

A lot has changed since 2014. For example:

  • Available data sources are growing beyond logged yield, planting and application data

  • The prevalence of cloud computing

  • The rise of Linux usage in commercial settings

  • The standardization of service-oriented, language-independent APIs.

Against this backdrop, ADAPT’s initial focus as an offline Windows/C# toolkit for translating proprietary machine data into a common model needs a refresh. Industry contributors have started expanding on ADAPT, but there is still much to do.

An idea that is gathering momentum is to make a new, platform-independent version of the data model and publish that as a standard, as well as create a community-supported plug-in that allows serializing ADAPT data to a platform-agnostic format.

Join us for a discussion (“meetup”) of the state of digital agriculture, ADAPT’s role within it, where ADAPT needs work, and how we can lay out a roadmap for its future.

Check back soon for date and remote meeting credentials!