Release on 2021-02-08

Release Summary

On 8 February, AgGateway released CLICK 4.1.1. The release addresses two major issues: 1) Ag eStandards 6.0 would not display correctly; and 2) tooltip font was unreadable (too small). There are no new features in this release. CLICK is a Microsoft Windows desktop application and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8. Details, including download link, are available at


System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

Installation Instructions

CLICK installation is a simple file deployment. No changes are made to the system (e.g., no registry changes, no shortcuts created, no additional content download from the internet).

  1. Confirm that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 installed

    1. You can follow Microsoft’s documentation on how to Determine which .NET Framework versions are installed

    2. You might want to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8, just in case (Microsoft’s download page)

    3. You are welcome to just run CLICK and see if it works.

  2. Download installation zip file (see link below)

  3. Unzip the zip file (recommend in your Documents folder or a folder within it)

  4. Recommend creating a shortcut to the executable, CLICK.exe