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Approved or Completed


Generic Web Services Guidelines

Industry-Wideweb services; guidelineSeed Connectivity Project

GPS Coordinate Reporting Guidelines

Seed SegmentGPS; reporting; location; guidelineSeed Council

Standards Support Guidelines

AgGateway Processesstandards; guidelineStandards & Guidelines Committee

Standards and Guidelines Development and Maintenance Processes

AgGateway Processesstandards; guidelineStandards & Guidelines Committee

Alfalfa Reporting Guidelines

(question)alfalfa; reporting(question)

Yield Sensor Reporting Guideline (Precision Ag Council)

Precision Agyield; reportingPrecision Ag Council

Seed Product Directory Guidelines

Seed Segmentseed; product; guidelineSeed Council
8Auto Identification Data CaptureSeed; Crop Protection; Precision Agseed; crop protectionStandards & Guidelines Committee, AIDC Working Group
9CLICK DocumentationIndustry-WideCLICK; schemas; AgGateway Open StandardsN/A

Draft (for Review)

There are currently no documents for Review.

Under Discussion

  1. Conversation ID Length
  2. Crop Nutrient Council Web Services API
  3. CPAId Element Work-Around to Support Cleo Communications Applications
  4. Glossary Management Process
  5. AgGateway Website and Wiki Enhancements
  6. Units of Measure
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