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Note: We are assuming all point data is projected in WGS84. The FMIS would be responsible for reprojecting if needed.

ShapeSettings: Metadata



ISO19115 object

  Not implemented. Will wait for a requirement to work on it further.

TypeShapeTypeEnum1What kind of shape is this? (point, multipoint, etc.)


Enum ValueDescription
PointA single point
MultiPointA multipoint shape
LineStringA line described by an ordered list of points.
MultiLineStringA list of LineString shapes.
LinearRingOne ring of a polygon, described by an ordered list of points, ideally with the first point repeated as the last point so that it forms a complete ring.
PolygonOne exterior ring, and zero or more interior rings which denote holes. The interior rings should be spatially contained inside the exterior ring, and should not overlap.
MultiPolygonA list of Polygon objects, to support polygons which have multiple exterior rings.
RasterGrid? (Tarak Reddy (Deactivated) to draft) 

Child classes of Shape:


X : double
Y : double
Z : double
M : int
Slope : double?


Points : Array of Point



Points : Array