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AgGateway Europe’s (AGW-EUR) establishment was addressed earlier in this piece. Since establishing the organization, it has been difficult to work through the legal technicalities of establishing legal ownership comprised of member companies. Creating a bank account is not straightforward since it is a U.K. company and the Managing Director is Dutch and works in The Netherlands. As of September June 2017, AGW-EUR faces a couple of options in the near future:

  1. Sort things out under the current structure
  2. Dissolve the organization as a U.K. company and reform it as a Dutch Stichting, a German organization, or something else.
  3. Dissolve the organization and reform it as an AgGateway Global Network chapter. This concept is addressed later in this piece.

In September 2017, the AgGateway Europe Executive Committee decided to recommend option 3 to the AgGateway Europe Steering Committee.

AgGateway Latin America’s Experience