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Buyer requests an updated price sheet from the Seller (Buyer may specify certain criteria within the message as to what kind of price sheets they want to receive)

Related Message (v5.4):  PriceSheetRequest


Seller sends Buyer PriceSheet to disseminate the product information from their business system.
Related Message (v5.41.1 or higher): PriceSheet


Buyer receives PriceSheet from Seller into their business system

Business Guidelines to distinguish the industry segment: There will be only one industry segment specified per message.


Extensions for Step 1
- Extension # 1: Buyer is unable to send price sheet request

1.Buyer will determine the issue and resolve.
2.Buyer will contact Seller if issue is not resolved quickly, to notify them of the request.

Extensions for Step 2
- Extension # 1: Seller is unable to send price sheet