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The Submitter(s) and any other authors of the submitted material MUST agree that, if the request is acknowledged, the documents in the Member Submission will be subject to the AgGateway Document License [LICENSE] and will include a reference to it. The Submitter(s) MAY hold the copyright for the documents in a Member Submission.

The request MUST satisfy the Member Submission licensing commitments of section 3.3 of the AgGateway Patent Policy [PATENT].

The Submitter(s) MUST include the following information:

  • The list of all submitting Members.

  • Position statements from all submitting Members (gathered by the Submitter). All position statements MUST appear in a separate document.

  • Complete electronic copies of any documents submitted for consideration (e.g., a technical specification, a position paper, etc.) If the Submission request is acknowledged, these documents will be posted by the COO to the associated Working Group's wiki page. Submitters MAY hold the copyright for the material contained in these documents, but when posted by AgGateway, these documents MUST be subject to the provisions of the AgGateway Document License [LICENSE].

The request MUST also answer the following questions.


  • The ideas expressed in the request overlap in scope with the work of a chartered Working Group, and acknowledgment might jeopardize the progress of the group.

  • The IPR statement made by the Submitter(s) is inconsistent with the AgGateway's Patent Policy [PATENT], Document License [LICENSE], or other IPR policies.

  • The ideas expressed in the request are poor or run counter to AgGateway's mission.

  • The ideas expressed in the request lie well outside the scope of AgGateway's mission.


For purposes of this definition, the normative portions of the Digital Resource shall be deemed to include only architectural and interoperability requirements. Optional features in the RFC 2119 [KEYWORD] sense are considered normative unless they are specifically identified as informative. Implementation examples or any other material that merely illustrate the requirements of the Digital Resource are informative, rather than normative.


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