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The following terms and definitions apply to this document and to the AgGateway Patent Policy [PATENT].

  • AgGateway Member: Any individual or organization that has joined AgGateway, as well as any employee or designated representative (e.g., contractor) of such organizations.

  • Call for Participation: A communication to AgGateway members that invites them to participate in a Working Group.

  • Collaborating Digital Resources Body: A Digital Resources body with which AgGateway has formal agreement. The form of the agreement could be reciprocal membership, letter-of-intent, memorandum of understanding, etc.

  • COO: AgGateway's Chief Operating Officer

  • CTO: AgGateway’s Chief Technology Officer

  • Digital Resource: Refers to any digital content developed with the intent of assisting companies with implementing electronic connectivity between systems and devices within their own company, and between their company and other companies. Digital Resource includes standards, guidelines, communications tools, project-management tools, implementation tools, and requirements or proposals passed on to a Collaborating Digital Resources Body.

  • Draft Revised Digital Resource: A digital resource that was initially produced by the DRC by copying a Digital Resource for the purposes of updating it.

  • DRC: AgGateway’s Digital Resource Center.

  • Member Submission: One or more documents developed outside of the AgGateway Digital Resources Development Process and Information about the documents, provided by the Submitter. See section 7.

  • PMC: AgGateway’s Portfolio Management Center

  • Proposed New Digital Resource: Any digital resource produced by a Working Group that the Working Group delivers to the DRC with the intent that the DRC will approve and publish it as a Digital Resource.

  • Proposers: One or more AgGateway Members who develop a Working Group charter and submit it to the COO.

  • Submitter: See section 7.

  • WG: Working Group

  • Working Group: An AgGateway organizational unit that produces Digital Resources.